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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 13, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> they are all agreed. britain's political party's united against news corporation as the hacking fallout grows, and could there be an american investigation. an american politician wants to know about the hacking scandal, if it's extended to 9/11 victims. >> and pro vin shall brother escapes from an explosion on his way to a funeral. >> and coming up on the program, plenty more dead fish in the sea. what europe is doing about its wasteful side to have fishing industry. and the latest winner of the euro lottery. how would you spend it?
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>> hello, the combined political weight of all three main hearts in britain will come down on the media organization news corporation today. a parliamentary debate rupert murdoch's takeover bid will be asked to be dismissed. it's due to unacceptable practices to gain information for stories including phone hacking. >> united against rupert murdoch. the conservatives and demonstrates have made a highly unusual decision to support this calling on him to withdraw his bid. >> it's in the public interest that rupert murdoch sees there's complete outrage about the behavior of his employees
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and organization and a real concern about that organization controlling yet more of our media in this country. in the public interest he should back down. if he doesn't, i hope we'll be developing legislation to make that happen. >> also david cameron will be setting up inquiries at news of the world and other papers. a judge will oversee which are in effect two inquiries. one into hacking and another into the relations between politicians and the press. past and present politicians could be compelled to give testimony under oath. rupert murdoch and others were courted by politicians and now they are called upon to answer questions about wrong doing. >> a key u.s. senator has
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called for an investigation as to whether hacking had extended to american citizens and 9/11 victims. john rockefeller, chairman of the committee of commerce also warned of severe consequences if that proved to be the case. >> he's put out a statement here this evening saying the report of hacking by news corp is offensive, a serious breech of journalistic ethics and says this raises questions about whether the company has broken u.s. law and i call upon the appropriate agencies to make sure citizens have not had their rights violated and i'm concerned about the phone hacking scandal having extended to american citizens. i should say he presented no
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proof but it's something that's causing concern to him and he's calling for an investigation presumably by the justice department. >> to afghanistan now as the governor has narrowly escaped a bomb attack en route to the funeral of president karzai's half brother. he was on his way where thousands of mourners gathered. seen as one of the country's most powerful men, he was shot dead by a member of his own security staff on tuesday. our correspondent joins us from the afghan capital of kabul. perhaps you can tell us a bit more about this explosion. an apparent attempted attack on the he will man province governor. >> well, certainly, that's the way it's being seen here. the governor was on his way to the funeral of president
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karzai's brother. one of the cars hit an explosive. four policemen accompanying him were hurt, though he was not. also two bombs were discovered on another rout to the village where karzai's brother was buried today. it led to panic, because people attending the funeral could hear them in the distance and there was some sense maybe there was aattack taking place, but it once again shows after one of the most powerful men in afghanistan was killed, it's feared there could be more
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assassinations. >> president -- he was head of the pro vin shall council and essentially seen as the person who ran the show and in his death president karzai loses his brother but the government loses someone from the pash tune tribe and it was de facto capital of the taliban government and also a controversial figure alleged to have links with drug dealers and allegations of corruption went against him. but the fact that nato forces often looked to him to give them the validity in their fight against al qaeda. >> we have got the reports from the official death toll from the sinking of a cruise ship in russia has risen to 100.
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the number was released after more bodies were recovered. >> the bulgaria sank with 208 people onboard at the time. 29 are still unaccounted for and divers are still scattered showering the sunken vessel. and a senior official told "bbc world news" that there had been campaigns and others asked tokyo to stop the whaling but another said the plan was to return. >> thousands of people have held protest in cairo to demand the removal of the council. the military conceded for the first time elections due in september could be delayed now until november. the rather -- it rather feels like the crises just like the
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debts are rising. fwreast, ireland, spain and another are all coming under the suspicion that they will not be able to repay their debts. it's warning a second bailout may be needed before it can sell bonds to investors. and another meeting is planned on friday. matthew price, our correspondent, reports. >> in spain the stock markets trembled as the interest rate the country charges to borrow money, rose. the same happened in italy, another country that uses the euro and has large debt. some blame speculators. but it's clear the roots of the crisis lie here. until a long-term solution to greece's debt problem can be found, other countries that use the euro will be affected. >> one of the biggest problems
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facing your europe at the moment is a political one. the currency is stable. inflation is relatively low, and there is solid economic growth. but it's the inability of europe's leaders to come up with the solution to the greece crisis and their mixed messages on what they propose to do that's really spooking the markets. >> europe's leaders know they have to get over big political differences if the greek problem is to be solved. >> leaders have to raise above their domestic political agenda, and they will. proposals of the euro group on measures that will risk contagion in your area are you are intelligently needed. >> the fact they are still talking about proposals is surely alarming. this crisis is 18 months old
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now and investors may be losing patience. matthew price, "bbc news," brussels. >> feels like everyone is losing patience. the ireland situation, junk bond status according to moody. >> yes. the credit rating is now down junk status and by doing these cuts, moody's is doing -- showing that they need to agree and bring in a proper fix for this debt crisis, but it also raise this is discrepancy among the rating agencies. stacey dugard and fitch have ireland raised three notches above jupping status and moody's not only did they downgrade them to junk status but said there could be further
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doubts come. but the problem for poor ireland, they'll likely be forced to get rid of those bonds, because they don't now have this clean sweep among the three agencies, and ireland was hoping to go back to the financial money markets in 2013 once its bonds are finished. but that's a mess. >> and let's look at china again. >> yes. >> well, there's all this talk about the slowing of the economy. but it's really not happening. >> no. g.d.p. at 9.5% more than expected. slower pace since 2009 but still staggering growth despite the aggressive moves beijing has made to curb inflation. they have raised their rate three times this year. but i'll talk more about this
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in about 15 minutes' time. >> the first big formal step so join the united nations, that should be a fairly straightforward and speedy process. it begins today with a vote in the security council and wraps up with endorsement from member states on thursday. barbra looks at how the u.n. is making room for its newest member. >> the republic of south sudan will become the newest member of the united nations, but the hall of the general assembly is full so the u.n. is looking at the possibility of squeezing in another desk although there seems to be technical difficulties with that. there's the holy sea and the palestine observer mission, but that would be a bit awkward because the palestinians are
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looking to make a bid for their own statehood late they are month. at any trait u.n. will try to find a way to put them in probably between south africa spained and then it will have to find its diplomatic space. south sudan will most likely find its allies with other states some fear they may be at war in the future with -- whatever the case, it will take some diplomatic musical chairs to steat south sudanese into the united nations. after they get their assets they will come out here and hoist their flags. i am hearing they may rent state in another african mission to make them just one of two u.n. members that don't have their own embassies.
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becoming a u.n. member is very important for south sudan which gives it sovereignty to the rest of the world it may have rather humble beginnings though. >> talking about recognition, they have got so many things to look forward to. >> south sudan have played their first official match. the south sudanese federation tried to get some of the players that play club football in the north to come down. but those clubs wouldn't release those players but soon fifa will recognize south sudan as another player and kul pa america is continuing in argentina. they are not particularly prissy but for the teams that slayed them.
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on saturday uruguay will play argentina. chile is on to the quarterfinals but they still have to wait to find out who they will play. >> it's interesting because the super powers are struggling. >> chile is looking really, really good. they have this young team and now have another big player and could well chabbling particularly chile could challenge argentina and brazil. i'm probably wrong. i usually am. >> but i would have been wrong because i got the teams mixed up. we were so desperate to get it on air, and it's very unbbc. this time we'll give you the right information because the goal keeper scoring the goal is scoring against west bralm, the english primary club. it's a preseason friendly of
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the united states and a month away from the start of most of the major european leagues ands that a goal and a half. later the match united plays on saturday. real madrid against l.a. galaxy, just a host of teams in south america and they want to get in there whether u.s. sports dominate so much, football still hasn't quite made it in the united states >> so easy to score a goal, huh? >> that's what they like about it. >> you're watching "bbc world news." stay with us if you can. we have got more on the contenders for the french socialist party, does dominique strauss-kahn still have any role to play? nols guatemala have arrested two men in the connection with the killing of the argentine singer on saturday.
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can a brow was one of latin america's most respected folk singers. he was being driven to the airport when his car was ambushed. >> he gave voice to many of disenfranchised latin americans. he is back on home soil. after his violent killing in guatemala city last week, the argentine folk singer went across the wormed and returned to be when the miss ar recess where he will be mourned the most. and there are questions, though, how he could have been murdered in an ambush. >> we know that there is an investigation about a person who drove the car. that it is a person who had ties to traffickers, prostitution and gambling, but if anything were further from
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the eye days of him, it would be anything related to the drug cartels. >> now under pressure to act swiftly, they have arrested two men. the country's chief prosecutor said they had been seen on tape following the producer who brought him to perform. he was also injured in the attack. >> his murder has been a source of great embarrassment to the gawaut maulen government and undoubtedly strained ties to argentina. to many it's a reminder of the drug-related violence that one of the most peace loving artist was caught up in it. will grant, "bbc world news." >> you're watching "bbc world news." these are the headlines.
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britain's political party united against the news corporation as the phone hacking fallout grows. and the afghan president leads pourners at his brother's funeral and a pro vin shall governor escapes explosives on his way there. >> now to our correspondent. no doubt awaiting the parliamentary debate, and it's a fascinating scenario, isn't it? possibly a vote on something everyone agrees on. >> yes. very much so, david. let me just show you the guardian newspaper today reading parliament versus murdoch. and that's very much what the feeling is today that it's going to be a symbolic moment where politicians in britain try to throw off the yokes they feel they've been under as far
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as international media is concerned. including david cameron himself said perhaps for too long they've tried curry favor with powerful newspapers and also with rupert murdoch himself. so there's a great sense now that they want to break with that and have a fresh slate. >> yes. the worms have turned. as is being put by some commentators. >> at the same time, this has burjened into a major political issue and there's a lot of point scoring going on. >> there is indeed, and the general feeling amongst political commentators is that david cameron has been behind the curb on this one. most of the asking of the inquiries have come from the leader of the opposition, ed middle band perceived by many to have had a good scandal.
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and i think when david cameron appears, he will come under heavy questions once again, for his decision to hire a former news international editor of the news of the world, in fact, andy coalson as his communications guru. he actually left in january of this year. but of course he is very much embroiled in this scandal and was indeed arrested last week. >> a lot of interest in what will be said and to whom in the hours ahead. thank you very much indeed. >> every year european fishermen throw dead fish back into the sea. what's more, that discarding policy has been dictated to them by the european union. proposals to change that are to be published that would attempt to end that and restructure
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that process. >> our correspondent talks to us. >> if the aim is to promote a sustainable fishing industry, the policy is a manifest failure. it's complex detailed rules are a major reason why there's so much of this. they call it discard. wait means is that tens of thousands of tons of perfectly good dead fish being thrown back into the sea every year. u.k. ministers are demanding an end to discards must be a main plank of proposed reforms. 34 in europe agree that the entire system is broken backup it's much harder to find a reform package everyone can agree on. >> changes are necessary, but i don't believe they will end up being fundamental changes, because i think the you know what i mean brussels are so embeded in bureaucracy that
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they certainly won't hand over to the fishing industry. >> next is fish trading. where so many e.u. nations have a vested interest. negotiations will be protracted, possibly bitter. all previous attempts to make radical change have failed. >> jeremy cook reporting from devon. now does dominique strauss-kahn still harbor any thoughts to handle the presidency? as things stand at any frontrunners are now the party chief and her predecessor. but hanging over the whole thing is what mr. strauss-kahn might want to do if the sexual assault charges he's facing in new york are to be dropped. >> his judicial prospects in new york may be improving. but dominique to strauss-kahn
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is not the political power he was weeks ago. france it's considered most unlikely that he'll be able to or want to re-enter the arena. for the socialist primary, it means one two of people is likely to face nicoli next year. the 35-hour week was her brainchild but critics say she lax passion. >> and then another seen as having wider, popular appeal but has never once held ministerial position. polls suggest whichever of the two is chones has a strong chance of replacing president sarkozy as head of state. but the socialist internal divisions are legendary and without their one-time favorite, the battle will be even harder. >> the 21-year-old palestinian man has been shot and killed
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during an israeli raid. relatives of him gathered at the morgue they say he bled to death after being shot in both legs when an am ambulance wasn't allowed to enter. they say they were attacked by an explosive device thrown at them. now i know what's going to preup a your thoughts after i read this. an estimated $250 million in the lottery the largest prize ever won in europe. it grew that big because of rollovers. no one choosing the right numbers for weeks in a row. but it could have been an individual or as i understand it kitchen. either way, they are the biggest winners europe has ever seen, another was anonymous ticketholder who scooped up money last october.
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